Online Degree Programs

Since 2008, Mid-America Christian University (MACU) has been helping adults successfully earn accredited, accelerated, and affordable online degrees in a supportive learning environment. MACU online degree programs offer many benefits, including:

Accreditation. All online undergraduate and master’s level programs are accredited through the Higher Learning Commission. Your MACU degree will be a valued and respected part of your résumé and career path.

Credits for prior learning and military-based coursework. Eligible students can earn up to 30 life-experience credits and/or classes completed as part of military service. Other accelerated completion options available.

Minimal up-front fees. With free placement testing, a thorough financial review, and our well-established orientation program, online students have the opportunity to determine if undergraduate or graduate studies are right for them before making a significant investment.

One class at a time. Focus only on one course, one professor, and one set of assignments at a time.

Growth for the whole person. With Christian principles as the foundation of each course, students are encouraged to mature spiritually and ethically.

Small classes, low faculty-to-student ratio, and an experienced student services team. Students get all the attention and support they need to succeed.

Connections to MACU Community. MACU devotes time and resources to making sure online students feel like they are part of the community.

FastTrack Combined Degrees ↗

Combine bachelor’s and master’s degree coursework to complete both in just five years.

Financial Aid ↗

Learn about financial aid, scholarships, and flexible pathways to efficient degree completion.

Life Experience Credits ↗

Eligible students can earn up 30 credit hours for prior learning and life experience.

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